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iLearn Pricing

iLearnVibration (Standard)


iLearnVibration [Standard] includes iLearnVibration, the Reference Center and the new iLearnCertification module. This product combination is ideal if your budget is limited, or if you only desire training and reference, but no diagnostic assistance, instructor tools, or the modules that help you gain experience.



iLearnVibration [Professional] adds four programs to the iLearnVibration [Standard] package. These modules help you: gain measurement and analysis experience, machine frequencies, and data collector functions. This is our most commonly ordered package.



iLearnVibration [Interpreter] includes the iLearnInterpreter diagnostic program, and the Model Maker program, used to create machine models.



iLearnAlignment provides training on the fundamentals: Review of misalignment, alignment tolerances, pre-alignment checks, base and foot problems (including soft foot), precision alignment, reverse dial and rim/face dial indicator methods, laser alignment, and dynamic movement

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