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DLI Engineering products employ the most advanced vibration data collection technology and intelligent machine condition assessment software available. DLI's unique approach is a result of more than 38 years of experience developing proven techniques.

DLI Watchman® DCA-31™ Data Collector

The DCA31 is a very small, rugged vibration data collector and real time analyzer with in-place balancing capability.

Coupled with AdvancedALERT® or ExpertALERT™ , the DLI Watchman® DCA-31 provides complete machine condition monitoring data collection capabilities. Its lightweight and small form factor means that it is easy to use. The DCA-31 incorporates a high-resolution screen for easy reading and route navigation as well as comprehensive data presentation and interpretation.

The DCA-31 comes standard with enough memory onboard to load large surveys that include literally hundreds of machines. Its enclosure is well sealed so you don't need to worry about using it in wet or dirty environments. In addition, The DCA-31 offers CSA International Certification for Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D Hazardous Environments.

Latest Vibration Technology

The DCA-31 incorporates the latest advances in analog and digital electronics, including high speed digital signal processing (DSP) and the industry's highest resolution 20-bit Sigma-Delta A/D converter to provide both speed and accuracy in the data collection process. The DCA-31 is available in single or two channel configurations. Should you decide to upgrade your collector later, only a firmware upgrade is required to enable its 2-channel capability. Its Windows CE™ operating system allows the user to add additional functionality as new application software becomes available. The instrument's intuitive user interface allows easy navigation of test points in both route and off-route modes.

The DCA-31 also has optional in-place machine balancing capabilities that can be added to either the 1 or 2-channel model at any time.

The DCA-31 has an instantaneous power-up that returns the display to the last test location/screen displayed prior to power-down. This enables a user to switch off the instrument at any point in a survey, move to the next point and then power-up the instrument to continue data collection. This saves the operator time in not having to needlessly navigate through the survey after a power-down/up.


The DCA-31 can be integrated with a number of condition monitoring systems, including ExpertALERT, AdvancedALERT®, DLI Watchman® DCX™, and DCX Online™ systems. Load or unload your survey data through its traditional serial port.

Environmentally Tough

The DCA-31 was built tough to withstand severe plant environments such as those found in pulp and paper, petrochemical, mining and marine. Its sealing is rated IP 65 meaning it is both splash and dust proof. It is drop tested to 6 feet and will operate in ambient temperatures from -10 to +60 degrees-C.

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